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What’s Good About Pet Glove Grooming Tool?

  • Good for All Kind of Coat – It can be perfect for short and long hair, wet or dry. The strap can be adjusted that fits all hand sizes.
  • Designed for 5 Fingers – The product is created the way your hand looks like. Let your friendly fur baby feel being petted than being groomed.
  • Can be Used for Wet or Dry Coat – Pet Love Grooming Tool is perfect for bathing your pet either washing them with waterless shampoo or swabbing them with detangle product spray.
  • Come with a Soft Rubber Tips – It is designed to gently remove unwanted tangles and mats while removing dirt and dust from the coat.
  • It is Washable – Just wash the product after using it and dry it under the sun.
  • Have Adjustable Wrist Strap – To smoothly protected the glove on the hand while using.
  • Effortless Cleaning – After using, just easily peel the hair off from the glove and throw it. There is no need for a time-consuming and stressful way of cleaning the product.

What We Guarantee:

We firmly believe that our high-quality products and an excellent shopping experience are what makes our customers come back to us. We aim to make you happy and satisfied with our Pet Glove Grooming Tool.

We guarantee to offer 24 hours customer service to assist you with your concern.

If you have any inquiries regarding the product, please contact us at (provide email or link)

We will do our best to fix your issue as soon as possible as we can.

IPLUS Inc. Products

Pet Glove grooming tool and brush in one!

Our high-quality product was created to be significantly soft and gentle with your beloved pets that can bring pleasure and satisfaction. This grooming tool has never felt so good achieving only the best outcome while petting. There is no need to be stressed trying to comb out the hair of your adored pet.

Pet Glove tool is designed to make the grooming process faster, easier and more convenient for pet owners! You and your pet will definitely love this product! Use it on a daily basis and carry out a relaxing and gentle massage for your pet.

By using this product, bathing will no longer be a conflict. It gently massages and grooms the fur without causing any pain and irritation in the skin. Your pet will achieve a soft and shiny coat making them look happier, beautiful and healthy!

Also, brushing their hair with our pet glove means less for work for you, less fur on your clothes, furniture and fewer allergens in the air producing a cleaner home plus a healthier lifestyle for the whole family!

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We are excited to announce our new products launching soon!

This year, you will find cool kids supplies that look great and functional! Let your kids expand their imagination and curiosity!

This new Magic Doodle Mat from IPlus comes in various styles at an affordable price. These adorable Doodle Mat are filled with a huge selection of features to color from animals, trees and etc. Your kids will definitely love coloring them and be entertained for hours!

Watch out for the latest updates from us over the next few months!

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